PSE 11-13 Action Sets

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Chic & Shabby


If you love vintage, retro or nice warm summer effects then you will love this action set! Your creativity is calling!

  • 18 Actions
  • Vintage Edits
  • 3 Bonus Textures
  • 3 Bonus Gradients
  • Tutorial videos
  • PLUS sign up for the FREE firefly overlay
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Black & White Mini Set

Nothing is more classic than gorgeous B&W images. This set is a affordable way to achieve several different B&W effects.

  • 9 Actions
  • High Contrast-Mattes
  • Enhancement Actions
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Bare Skin Set

Struggle with skin tone? Got a case of the blue hues? This set will change how you edit skin and take out the stress!

  • 14 Skin Brushes
  • 9 Skin Tones
  • 5 Skin Helper Brushes
  • Even Out Skin Tone & Help Matte Skin
  • Video Tutorial