Rumplestiltskin from "Once Upon A Time" Kid Costume



Little Background...

For the last few years I have challenged myself to make my boys their Halloween costumes and I have found it to be something I really enjoy. I lost my oldest son last year when he found a Harry Potter outfit and this year he picked a Captain Hook costume but I still have a say when it comes to my 4 year old! Last year you may have seen his awesome Mad Hatter costume I made but this year I figured it would be my last for him too so I wanted to go out with a bang. 

Any "Once Upon A Time" folks here? 

My husband and I recently fell in love with ABCs "Once Upon A Time" and I knew after watching a few episodes that this was it, I was going to turn our 4 year old into Rumplestiltskin.  I could hardly wait for Halloween season to arrive so I could tackle this ever so crazy task. The costume took me about 2 weeks to finish and I did it all without a single pattern! I truly had a blast creating this and really enjoyed the challenge! 

(All images edited with the cotton action from our 'Heirloom Collection'.)


Rumplestiltskin kid costume 1
Rumplestiltskin kid costume 2
Rumplestiltskin kid costume 3
Rumplestiltskin kid costume

"And remember deary, all magic comes with a price."